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Teaching Math to Small Kids: A Few Tips #top

Mathematics is a tough area for most students and this hate even makes them feel that this subject and its complication have no use in the world. It is the responsibility of the parents and the teachers to ensure that the child is evoked with interest in the subject since childhood.

The need is to motivate the child to learn maths and make it interesting. Along with teaching math to small kids, the children should also be made to understand the role that maths plays in every day of our life.

Learning of maths begins with the preschool age and this is the right age to instil the spirit and love of maths in the children. The kids of this age like to play around, and the tutor should be able to make learning maths fun. Simple things like counting can be taught when the child is climbing upstairs or bath time fun games like ducky games.

You can have about 10 interesting toys, say ducks in his bath tub and count it when he is about to be bathed. The next time you can ask him to count to see if all the ducks are still there in the tub. This can be made more interesting based on the level of imagination of the parent.

You can make him figure out the smallest, biggest, tallest and shortest of the ducks. You can even have similar patterned ducks like ones with red hat and others with white hat. You can mix up several characteristics and this can help to teach the child patterns.

Snake and Ladders is an interesting board game that can be useful in teaching math to small kids. This game has been around for several years and you will be surprised how fast your child learns to count until 100.

For older children who know to multiply and divide, Cadaco 4-Way Countdown can be an interesting game to increase their capability. In this, game two dices are rolled and the numbers are added, subtracted, multiplied or divided. There are even other interesting games like Blokus, Rush Hour, Battle ship and Monopoly for the elder kids than can help them in increasing their math skills.

The parents can make the vacation time fruitful for the children by plating such interactive games with the children so that they will be learning through fun and they will not feel overloaded with learning too. In this way, the parents will also be able to know his weaker area in mathematics and help him out accordingly by teaching math to small kids.

Maths plays a crucial role in money management and the kids should be taught the role of maths in financial matters. Children are the most happy when they are given money and by doing so you can let your child learn maths too. You can give him/her a certain amount of money and ask him to write down, when he buys anything with that money and present you with the record by the end of the week. This will prove him the importance of money and the role of maths and he will be learning maths at the same time.