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In mathematics and more precisely in modular arithmetic, a Mersenne prime is a prime number being written in the form 2^p - 1, p being first. These primes are named after French mathematician and a scholar of the seventeenth century, Marin Mersenne. Mersenne primes are in base 2 (binary). Mersenne primes are related to perfect numbers, which are numbers equal to the sum of their proper divisors. It is this connection that has historically driven the study of Mersenne primes. From the fourth century BC, Euclid proved that if M = 2^p - 1 is prime, then M (M +1) / 2 = 2 (p-1) (2p - 1) is a perfect number. Two millennia later, in the eighteenth century, Euler proved that all even perfect numbers have this form. No odd perfect numbers are known.
Team Summary
Run Date : 02-Jan-2011 00:47 UTC (Jan 01 2011 19:47 EST)
Last Primenet Report Date : 02-Jan-2011 00:00 UTC
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Number Of Exponents Assigned 497 654 1118 2269
Number Of Members 85 65 56 139 *
Number Of Computers Assigned 239 294 232 728 *
Total Ghz Assigned 580.257 596.493 381.785   1477.72 *
* Totals may not tally due to computers with more than one type of exponent assigned.
Computers Added Recently
Computer Id Mhz Ver Member Date Added
aEric_01 1794 v19/v20 aEric 02-Jan-11
pc60 1531 v19/v20 bhs128 02-Jan-11
Baenwort 2199 v19/v20 Baenwort 02-Jan-11
riskin06 2204 v19/v20 riskin 02-Jan-11
Reboot_ItXXX 2992 v19/v20 Reboot_It 03-Jan-11

Prime numbers are a fascinating topic for all interested in numbers in general and in Mersenne games in particular. Because if it is fun for you to play with numbers, all get simple. Otherwise it is boring. For example let's consider the case of roulette, whether you play a game of roulette or simply pretend to play the game. Obviously you do not need to master prime numbers to understand this game as there are only 32 numbers to choose from in this game. But the question is rather, is there any way to predict the outcome of that game. This is what thousands of people have been trying to do since the apparition of this game a few hundred years ago, and interestingly the point here is that prime numbers may help to answer this question, as well as chaos theory.

Prime numbers have fascinated scientists for hundreds of years and they are involved in many technical, scientific and computing applications. This is a major field in pure mathematics as well. It would not be obvious to see their involvement in other fields like business or marketing, but as business theories are based on math, one can see the ramifications of how prime numbers reach out to all human activitites. Take computing in waste management as an example, likewise we could not see a direct connection but there is certainly an indirect link. It seems mathematics are shaping our world and our universe and prime numbers still remain one of its mysteries. This is why we are working hard at understanding them better.

Another application is in waste management optimization. Water and wastewater treatment process optimization reduces the occurrence of problems, protects the environment, ensures regulatory compliance, and can also save people money. During the first stage of process optimization, a thorough evaluation of the process parameters and the external elements that affect the process can be computed. Such waste management optimization helps lower pollution but nowadays the mosty advanced computational techniques are deployed for best results.

The financing of equipment such as a sorting center forces small municipalities to think together in the context of intermunicipal co-operation. Focusing on several counties within our area helps focus on any specificities and analyze whether the methods of collecting and processing household waste vary from one municipality to another, for the reasons mentioned above or whether they are identical; some use Greer dumpster rental, some don't; in short, do household waste treatment methods differ or are they similar depending on the municipality?

Faced with their complexity and importance, it seems essential to conduct a reflection on the evolution of laws and legal regulations relating to waste at two levels: federal and local. These measures, which are becoming imperative and binding to absorb household waste, are a source of problems for local elected officials, due to the increased constraints generated by the political and regulatory framework. The analysis of the different geographical areas, marked by the weight of natural constraints, shows that it is difficult to fully comply, at the local level, with federal regulations. Regarding the laws enacted on the environment, we have mainly relied on three of them in order to emphasize, while having a critical mind, that they only partially respond to the treatment of household waste and that they are of a weak legal nature, to say the least.

In the Paris Agreement, Canada committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030 from 2005 levels. Even if this target needs to be reviewed in light of climate science, that promise has raised an important question: is Canada on track to meet its GHG emission reduction target? Canada announced in 2019 that it failed to achieve its objective so far. Despite the increase in Toronto dumpster rentals and other waste management and recycling developments, they must assess the progress in this respect on the horizon 2030 and adjust the fire if necessary, using the environmental sustainability indicators that the Government of Canada updates annually. Canada has been publishing projections of its GHG emissions since 2011. The modeling team that develops them has remained largely unchanged over the years and the comparisons are therefore non-partisan.

Ecological footprint has become one of the key indicators of sustainable development. Exceeding the natural capacity of the nation to provide renewable resources is unsustainable in the long term, as it consumes the earth’s natural capital, reducing its ability to support the development of future generations. The United States is the second most blessed country after Brazil. They thus benefit from 12% of the total biological capacity of the planet for 6% of the surface area of ​​the emerged lands. Americans' consumption and production of waste exceeds the nation's biological capacity. In 1996, the United States contributed 20% of humanity's global ecological footprint, keeping on filling its landfills. China was already second only to the United States in exceeding its biological capacity in 1996, and it is estimated that the ecological footprint of the Middle Kingdom has exceeded that of the United States since 2008.

But that should not hide the fact that, at the same time, the United States has not made sufficient efforts to reduce its own and that every Chinese person still has a much smaller ecological footprint than an American. Knowing that the ecological footprint is in no way correlated... In its current form, the American Way of Life is incompatible with sustainable development. If the other countries of the world, especially China and India, were to reach the same level of ecological impact as that of Americans today, it would take, ceteris paribus, 6 planet earths to fuel consumption and support pollution. Faced with this observation, the President of the United States is faced with structural challenges which he will be able to face thanks to the fundamental assets of this country, whatever the situation.

But it is not all bad. For example Riverside, California is a city located in Riverside County that is dedicated to sustainability. The city has implemented several initiatives to make sure that it is following sustainable practices. One of the main initiatives is the Green Riverside program. This program focuses on reducing the city’s carbon footprint by encouraging residents and businesses to reduce their energy consumption, recycling, and composting. The Green Riverside program also works to improve air quality, protect natural resources, conserve water, and promote green building practices.

The city also has a sustainability office that works to implement sustainable practices throughout the city. The office works with local businesses and organizations to promote green initiatives and increase awareness of sustainability. This includes providing resources, such as free energy audits, to help businesses reduce their energy use. The office also works with local universities and schools to provide educational opportunities and workshops on sustainability. The city of Riverside has also implemented a comprehensive plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This plan includes reducing energy consumption, promoting renewable energy sources, better waste management practices and creating more efficient transportation systems. The city has also installed solar panels on municipal buildings, and is working to create a bike-friendly infrastructure. Riverside is committed to sustainability and is taking steps to ensure that it is a leading example for other cities in California. With its initiatives and commitment to sustainability, Riverside is setting an example for other cities to follow.

Recycling in Memphis, TN is making a big impact on the city's environment. With the help of the Memphis Solid Waste Management Department, citizens of the city can now easily recycle paper, plastic, glass, and aluminum. Memphis has put a lot of effort into increasing recycling to save energy and resources, installing over 500 new recycling bins in public parks and other public places. The city of Memphis has also implemented educational programs that help inform citizens about the importance of recycling and what materials can be recycled. The city offers special recycling events at various times throughout the year, where citizens can bring their recyclables and exchange them for rewards. Recycling in Memphis is becoming more popular each year and is helping to reduce waste and conserve resources. By utilizing the city's recycling program, citizens of Memphis can help to keep the city clean and green and make a positive impact on the environment.

but we need to improve recyling in the USA even more. Improving recycling in the States would require more concerted efforts across various fronts. Enhancing public education and awareness campaigns can promote proper recycling practices and increase participation. Expanding and standardizing recycling programs nationwide, including curbside pickup and drop-off locations, makes recycling more accessible for all communities. Investing in infrastructure upgrades and advanced sorting technologies can improve efficiency and reduce contamination rates in recycling facilities. Implementing policies that incentivize recycling, such as bottle deposit programs and producer responsibility laws, can encourage responsible consumption and waste reduction. Collaboration between government, industry, and nonprofit organizations is paramount to driving innovation and achieving higher recycling rates, fostering a more sustainable future for our children.

Exponents due to expire within 14 days
ExponentTypeBitsIterationDaysDateComputer IdMember
34847321L6911798913 79.34.203-Dec-0514-Nov-05tom1tom
29501159L69  56.34.807-Dec-0507-Dec-05dig008p42400Digital_Concepts
29488033L62  56.34.807-Dec-0507-Dec-05dig008p42400Digital_Concepts
29333033L69  56.34.8 07-Dec-05dig008p42400Digital_Concepts
29328073L62  56.34.8 07-Dec-05dig008p42400Digital_Concepts
29109229L69  56.34.8 07-Dec-05dig008p42400Digital_Concepts
29066969L62  56.34.8 07-Dec-05dig008p42400Digital_Concepts
29016947L67  56.34.8 07-Dec-05dig008p42400Digital_Concepts
29009719L62  56.34.8 07-Dec-05dig008p42400Digital_Concepts
14851409D66  57.65.007-Dec-0506-Dec-05robcreid_wk5robcreid
30411767L699913151 99.210.116-Nov-0525-Oct-05Hattie2Cobi
33894293L694064191 51.611.914-Dec-0512-Dec-05PM_node_JPrime_Monster
30450269L6815795775 95.512.315-Dec-0529-Oct-05Ridavids6Ridavids
30736169L68  67.512.315-Dec-0526-Nov-05Ridavids6Ridavids
19161803L67  47.813.3 16-Dec-05AnnieAnnie
Exponents due to complete shortly
ExponentTypeBitsIterationDaysDateComputer IdMember
14724971D6612245824 121.3-1.030-Jan-0603-Oct-05shy24_ex2shy24
35511233F62  11.0-1.0 22-Jan-06Tasuke_TMCTasuke
16014499D6612870527 44.3-0.430-Jan-0619-Dec-05jimsters-tf1jimsters
35619149F62  5.90.229-Jan-0627-Jan-06GleanerC_02GleanerC
15864547D66  64.30.206-Jan-0629-Nov-05Tasuke9Tasuke
14532629D6611779967 9.30.201-Feb-0623-Jan-06Reboot_It311Reboot_It
35623303F62  5.80.201-Feb-0627-Jan-06boxen_01PageFault
26411419L6824718655 39.60.331-Jan-0624-Dec-05Reboot_It_2KReboot_It
35503901F626 11.30.401-Feb-0621-Jan-06DSheets_76bDSheets
35629547F62  5.60.4 27-Jan-06whilden_pat2whilden
35631007F6213 5.50.401-Feb-0627-Jan-06shy24_ul11shy24
32986321F625 44.30.531-Jan-0619-Dec-05gioca01greensinoz
32942227F6211 46.30.501-Feb-0617-Dec-05TasukeTasuke
16298797D6614729983 13.80.501-Feb-0619-Jan-06Reboot_It213Reboot_It
20108111L67  96.80.515-Jan-0628-Oct-05AnnieAnnie
35552921F624 8.90.501-Feb-0624-Jan-06DSheets_71cDSheets
32886173F6216 48.50.501-Feb-0615-Dec-05maxscribe18maxscribe
13610161D669395072 19.80.731-Jan-0613-Jan-06garo_matgaro
13658387D669098123 122.80.731-Jan-0602-Oct-05garo_laicagaro
35565119F621 8.30.701-Feb-0624-Jan-06DSheets_85bDSheets
31353473F6213 7.80.701-Feb-0625-Jan-06shy24_ul09shy24
35604707F6214 6.40.701-Feb-0626-Jan-06EM_XP_1900endlesmike
30236021L6929399168 34.00.701-Feb-0629-Dec-05Ibmuser_01Ibmuser
35102317F62  29.60.826-Jan-0603-Jan-06whilden_lp5whilden
35512661 F62 12  10.9 0.8 01-Feb-06 22-Jan-06 DSheets_89a DSheets
33170539 F 62 11  35.0 0.8 01-Feb-06 29-Dec-05 games play
35450851 F 62 13  13.8 0.8 01-Feb-06 19-Jan-06 DSheets_39 DSheets
34532413 L 69 28941625  288.9 0.8 14-Jan-06 19-Apr-05 lucky luck
15038473 D 66 13066155  10.8 0.8 01-Feb-06 22-Jan-06 jackpot winner
15868961 D6611538974  64.2 0.8 31-Jan-06 29-Nov-05 robcreid_p4 robcreid
16310689D6615392768 12.40.801-Feb-0620-Jan-06Reboot_It224Reboot_It
35532389F62  9.80.827-Jan-0623-Jan-06StapesStapes
35587483F6214 7.50.801-Feb-0625-Jan-06shy24_ul06shy24
35659243F62  4.01.0 29-Jan-06JeffG_P4ChatJeffG
31901341F62  8.81.031-Jan-0624-Jan-0699.94_lap99.94
Exponents assigned within the last day
Computer IdMember
35759939F62 0.011.001-Feb-06 23:54DSheets_94dDSheets
16411441D66 0.026.001-Feb-06 23:14DSheets_75aDSheets
16411427D66 0.016.001-Feb-06 23:13Reboot_It144Reboot_It
35759219F62 0.111.901-Feb-06 22:32DSheets_81bDSheets
35747879F62 0.55.501-Feb-06 11:23whilden_pat2whilden
35747857F62 0.5 2799.0 01-Feb-06 11:23 maxscribe28 maxscribe
35747191F62 0.57.601-Feb-06 11:00shy24_ul08shy24
35746741F62 0.66.801-Feb-06 10:29Tempus2_PRvnTempus
35746643F62 0.611.401-Feb-06 10:14DSheets_82bDSheets
31547147L68 0.628.401-Feb-06 10:00whilden_192whilden
35746481F62 0.614.401-Feb-06 09:58DSheets_64DSheets
35746339F62 0.614.401-Feb-06 09:48DSheets_64DSheets
16400641D66 0.613.701-Feb-06 09:28whilden_146whilden
35746091F62 0.67.401-Feb-06 09:27shy24_ul15shy24
16400389D66 0.615.701-Feb-06 09:05Reboot_It232Reboot_It
35733469F62 0.76.501-Feb-06 08:56bayanne_clv7bayanne
35745923F62 0.75.301-Feb-06 08:40bayanne_clv3bayanne
35745881F62 0.77.301-Feb-06 08:27shy24_ul21shy24
35745751F62 0.72.301-Feb-06 08:09Origami2_3Origami2
16346513D66 0.78.801-Feb-06 07:39BenBishop_E1BenBishop
35737777F62 0.73.301-Feb-06 07:19pvillecat1pvillecat
14848091D66 0.820.801-Feb-06 06:29kmd03kmd
35711129F62 0.87.301-Feb-06 06:21XyzzySnyderXyzzy
35745607F62 0.810.501-Feb-06 06:10DSheets_71cDSheets
35745571F62 0.85.601-Feb-06 06:07EM_P4B_2400aendlesmike
16398731D66 0.810.801-Feb-06 06:05Reboot_It247Reboot_It
16397933D66 0.811.901-Feb-06 04:41Reboot_It233Reboot_It
35744561F62 0.817.201-Feb-06 04:31jimsters-LTjimsters
35744473F62 0.84.601-Feb-06 04:11shy24_ul08shy24
35744329F62 0.85.201-Feb-06 04:09EM_P4B_2400bendlesmike
35743891F62 0.911.201-Feb-06 03:47DSheets_89bDSheets
16397287D66 0.911.701-Feb-06 03:43Reboot_It238Reboot_It
16397239D66 0.956.101-Feb-06 03:25shy24_borgshy24
16397033D66 0.920.101-Feb-06 02:53Hades_au_P4eHades_au
16396903D66 0.911.901-Feb-06 02:29Reboot_It206Reboot_It
32603089F67 0.98.101-Feb-06 02:20outlnder_001outlnder
35740637F62 1.07.631-Jan-06 23:06shy24_tsshy24
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